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Tiffany Chang conductor 

“...the 40-piece orchestra, under Chang’s deft baton, threatened to steal the show. The ensemble

played with impressive unity, focus, exceptional clarity and finesse.”

- Boston Musical Intelligencer (Puccini's La Bohème)

Photo: Karen Almond / The Dallas Opera

I imagine a world where artists are inspired to feel fulfilled everyday knowing that their work matters.

Collaboration - Innovation - Impact

My mission is to increase job satisfaction for musicians through my leadership in: 

  • Creating purpose-driven work cultures - know why we show up
  • Dissolving fears within a leader vs. group dichotomy - trust conductors and ensembles can be on the same side
  • Taking care of the people who serve the audiences - feel safe to take risks to achieve more than we thought was possible
  • Helping us feel like our work matters


Photo: Beethoven's Fidelio at Faneuil Hall in Boston

Make our work matter - a project from the altMBA

Conductor as CEO 

a blog about leadership

I imagine a world where conductors make artistic organizations great like CEOs make businesses great--first by being of service to its people so that they feel like their work matters.

Reconsider how we lead, serve, hire, motivate musicians
Discover why we might feel unfulfilled in our work
See the world differently through others' eyes
Explore the relevance of other fields on ours 


Photo: electronic music festival at Oberlin College

We care a lot about the opinions of trusted sources - like press and reviews.

What about the opinions of those who make the music?

"Attending rehearsal always seemed worth my time." 

"...reminded me how important every individual is in an ensemble." 

"The concerts leave me feeling  triumphant because the energy of the ensemble is so uplifting." 

"...allowed us to play chamber music with each other."

"Most exciting concert I've played in my life."


Photo: rehearsal at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory

I took a risk during the pandemic, here's what happened...

"stunning"  &  "transcending visual barriers"

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